How do I contact a cash app for a refund?


Cash App refund process is as simple as sending cash through it. Along these lines, if you have settled on the choice to restore a buy, and get a payment in error, at that point simply don't worry, basic steps mentioned here to Cash App refund will help you with understanding the process very clearly.

Steps to refund payment on cash app

  • Above all else click on activity tab in cash app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • After that click on business payment that will be refunded.
  • Next click on 3 spots, menu area.
  • After that click on refund, and then click on OK.

Receiving money from cash app by accepting payment

  • Go to activity tab that will resemble clock symbol available at bottom right corner of screen.
  • Under the pending tab at the screen's top segment, you can check any of the solicitations made by others that are not easily finished.
  • You can also check payments with green button close to them.
  • These are payments produced using users who have never made a connection with you. For accepting and getting money sent by them, basically click on accept.
  • At last when you click on accept, you will see a pop up on screen asking you for confirmation of how you might want to get payments from the person.
  • Finally click on confirm, and then click on done.

Cash App refund and steps to get cash from users is understood to you. If there should arise an occurrence of question or technical problem, you can simply connect with Cash App Support Team.


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